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Vernal Equinox

Hello springtime! It’s so lovely outside, I just moved the little herb seedlings out to the back porch for some quality UV rays. Most of the seeds have arrived and I am so excited about this season. I’ve got some new vegetables to try out and I’m going to do some seed saving of heirloom varieties as part of Seeds of Diversity. There are Seedy Saturday exchanges coming up – April 24th in Truro.

At home, the board of the New Glasgow Farmer’s Market has been busy meeting with the town about our new location (details TBA at our general meeting April 27th). We already have an excellent start for funding and support this season – without so much as a seed in the ground. Also, here is a link to an article about an NFU Youth meeting recently in Tatmagouche NS, Growing Farmers.

In February I spent a weekend in a cabin at Stonehame near Scotsburn. There was freezing rain and lots of snow so it didn’t seem like an ideal time to be on top of a windy mountain. After chilling in the outdoor hot tub with toques on, snowshoeing and scoping beautiful lichens up close and personal.. a fun time was had by all. Looking at the pictures, I never would have imagined I’d be sitting on the back porch in a T shirt a few weeks later.

Still dining on good eats from the farm – down to just two squash, shelling the dry beans, and the last box of potatoes; still have lots of pickles and preserves. The potatoes are starting to sprout, even from a cardboard box in the back corner of a closet under the stairs.. they know there is sunshine out there and are reaching for it. I’ve had a reoccurring dream where there is a luscious row of parsnips just waiting to be dug. It’s not like my diet is exclusively local but sometimes I am just astonished by the grocery store. All last week strawberries were available for cheaper than local ones in season..

            snowshoe time


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potager garden

I had the pleasure of attending a Highland Garden Club meeting and a talk by Margie Beck on potager gardening. These are ornamental and edible kitchen gardens, with a little bit of everything. The name comes from the French word for soup, “potage”. I really liked the way she tied local food to soup du jour — you take the empty bowl to the garden. Often people shop at grocery stores and markets with a specific list of ingredients, not seeing what is actually on the table and in season. Of course, the proof is in the biscuits – there was carrot soup, dill biscuits, & amazing jams and jellies to share.

I’m really excited to get going for spring, but we’re in for at least six more weeks of winter says Shubenacadie Sam. I’ve worked out a field plan and made up a brochure for the CSA. The brochure is online – just if you click “CSA” at the top of the page, or here for the .pdf file. The basement is really shining as a cellar, eating potatoes, turnips, squash, and onions from the farm. I keep forgetting about the forlorn beets in the back of the fridge.. maybe borscht tonight.

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